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In VID we find the most innovative way to consume nicotine. Without a trace of tobacco and with the help of revolutionary research, we have created Nicotinepouch whose nicotine is manufactured in a laboratory environment in an efficient and harm-reducing way, thus providing a fast nicotine effect, a fresh flavour and a long taste. The patented formula gives VID a very fast effect without maximizing the amount of nicotine. We can now control the effect in a way that was not possible before, thus offering you as a user a completely new experience of nicotine products.



You love licorice! Or you don't... Regardless, VID Salty Liqourice plays with the licorice concept on a completely different level. There is a pure licorice note but the lift of sweetness, tar and herbs make VID Salty Liqourice something more than just another licorice flavor.

Salty Liquorice

VID Ginger Lemon

Freshly peeled ginger, fresh lemon and honey! Who can resist the proven combination? The weight of the ginger meets the sour lemon and they are both enhanced by a soft sweetness that complements the trinity when it comes to the main taste of relaxation. The flavors from VID Ginger Lemon want to give you a feeling of care and calm - but with noticeable nicotine delivery for a long time


AT Racing Raspberry plays with our senses and takes us back to the childhood memories that consist of the raspberry scent at the arbor or waterfront. At the same time, it is raspberries that give the overtones in any candy store. With a clear scent of raspberries and with the strengthening of sun-ripened strawberries, we dare to say that this is a nicotine bag that brings out the summer regardless of the weather.

Ruby Raspberry

VID Perfect Pear

Summer is a fantastic period, filled with sun, beach and icy pear ice cream. Even if we can not have sunny summer days all year round, we can take that feeling with us wherever we are. Sun-ripened pears which, together with clear vanilla tones, create a wonderful taste and softness that reminds us of leisure, play and warmth.


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